Browsers 3000 is a six week virtual event to explore and accelerate the development of Web3 in the browser through experimentation, creative collaboration, and challenge prizes. Help build the browser of tomorrow, today!

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Browsers 3000 Closing Ceremony - Sept 16, 8AM PT

Join our closing ceremony where we will be showcasing some of the best projects built during this hackathon.

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Browsers 3000 Hackathon Kickoff Summit

Join us as we kick off the first-ever Browsers 3000 Hackathon event with a full-day summit! To get builders ready, we’re gathering web builders, browser makers, and the dweb ecosystem together to grow both the vision of a decentralized browser and the community creating it.

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Browsers 3000 Hackathon Learning Sessions

Learning Session with Fluence

Watch it Here

Learning Session with Unlock

Watch it Here

Learning Session with Agregore

Watch it Here

Learning Session with ENS

Watch it Here

Learning Session Metamask

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Learning Session with Coil

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Learning Session with Filecoin

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Learning Session with IPFS

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Learning Session with PL Grant Program

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Grand Prizes

Browsers 3000 will offer three grand prizes of Filecoin (FIL) awards for first, second and third place, across multiple criteria and judged by a panel from the participating organizations such as browsers, naming services, wallets and more.

First prize:
$10,000 in FIL

Second prize:
$5,000 in FIL

Third prize:
$3,000 in FIL

Bonus Prizes

A pool of $20,000 in FIL will be split between projects using IPFS, Filecoin or libp2p.

Additionally, hackers can submit their work to any of these bonus prizes offered by our Browsers 3000 friends!


  • Best use of Agregore
  • Unique use of multiple protocols at once

Coil / Web Monetization

  • The Best Web Monetization Project prize is awarded to the team (or teams) who make the best use of Web Monetization, Rafiki, or Interledger. You can find more information about Coil Challenge here.

Ethereum Name Service

  • $150 in ETH to each of the 5 best projects to integrate ENS ($750 in prizes total)


  • Prize for best use of and Webnative: 1L of Maple Syrup as well as a Browsers 3000 t-shirt and custom sticker pack!
  • Runner up prize: Browsers 3000 t-shirt and custom browsers 3000 sticker pack!
  • Any team with projects using Fission and Webnative: custom browsers 3000 sticker pack!
  • Fission will cover shipping costs for prizes; some restrictions regarding shipment of Maple Syrup internationally may apply (we honestly don’t know).


  • Use Fluence’s Aqua in the browser to compose a p2p solution integrating with IPFS.
  • USD 100 for every submission that is a fully functional project using Fluence’s Aqua to implement a decentralized workflow utilizing IPFS,
  • USD 1,000 for the best overall solution of usage IPFS with Fluence.
  • Examples and bounty details are here


  • Integrate Handshake with IPFS (2500 HNS prize)
  • Integrate Handshake with something: Any hacker who integrates Handshake with something (a favorite blockchain project, a favorite VPN service, a favorite website builder, pretty much anything) will receive 100 HNS, a generic Handshake name and will also receive a Director of Handshake T-shirt from Please check with @johnnywu/ in the IPFS Discord to see whether your integration is eligible for this challenge (it probably is!)


  • 5 UDT for Best use of Unlock, plus some sticker packs.

Unstoppable Domains

  • Unstoppable Domains Browser Bounty: Integrate .crypto domain resolution in a browser not currently supported by Unstoppable Domains
    Prize: $2,000 per winner
  • Unstoppable Domains Bonus Bounty: Integrate Unstoppable Domains in your hackathon submission for an App or IPFS Website
    Bonus Prize: $100 in Unstoppable Domains store credits per winner


Browser Friends

Unstoppable Domains
Grant for the Web


Presenters, judges, and browser fans

Thibault Meunier
Yuriy Dybskiy
Julien Genestoux
Unlock Inc.
Daniel Buchner
Uchi Uchibeke
Makoto Inoue
Ethereum Name Service
Brian Kardell
Tieshun Roquerre
Jeff Griffiths
Jimmy Chang
Unstoppable Domains
Dietrich Ayala

Technical quickstart guides

IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open.
Filecoin is a decentralized storage network designed to store humanity's most important information.

Watch introductions to our technology

Saving Data to the DWeb

A Primer and Practical Perspective from Kelsey Breseman of the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EGDI)

How IPFS deals with files

An IPFS Camp core curriculum workshop by Alan Shaw, Mikeal Rogers, and Steven Allen

Intro to Filecoin for devs

An overview of Filecoin developer pathways from project lead Pooja Shah

Additional Resources

Need help getting started?

Browsers 3000 expects all speakers and participants to follow the IPFS Community Code of ConductTerms of Service